Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Killin’ It

Twice a month on Tuesday’s I can get myself to the gym by 4:30 and I am destin to get a great workout in.  So I changed my clothes and set the elliptical to fat burn mode and did my two miles.  I then grabbed the 25lb weights and the 18 inch step and started in on my leg workout.  I was committed to getting the bulk of my lifting out of the way before Natalie got out of Tae Kwan Do and I got 3 out of 4 sets done.  I then picked Natalie up and shuffled her down to swimming and headed upstairs to find Heather and find out how to do single leg squats.  I polished off my sets on each leg and had already burned 600 calories.  I knew I wanted to go to HIIT to see how class would be with Mira teaching, so I headed back downstairs and did 15 minutes on the rowing machine and then stretched until HIIT started.

HIIT was intense I only stayed for the first part of the class and my final calorie count for the night was 1025 calories burned.  I got Natalie from the pool and headed home to cook dinner.  I felt pretty good about what I had accomplished and my body was tired , but not overly sore.

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Another Week another Workout

Monday I am always back on track, if only I could keep it together for 6 days instead of 4 that would be awesome. Monday my eating is back on track and I am ready to get my workout in.  I lost weight last week and my body fat went down, but I didn’t eat enough.  So I have to focus more on my protein and lift more weights I guess.  I feel like I am happy when my weight goes down, but then it is the wrong kind of weight.  I feel like at this point I should have this figured out, but I don’t.  So this week I am going to make sure I get all of my lifting in and try my hardest to eat as much protein as I can.

I will be honest I feel like by the end of the week, my sink is full of dishes, my laundry is piling up, and I haven’t sat down to eat a meal with my daughter all week.  There are somedays that I wonder if things would be easier if I was home more, but then I couldn’t get my workouts in.  I am sure each one of us has thought about the things that we could get done if we put those things first before ourselves.  I am trying to find a balance and not feel like my weekend is my vacation from my workout week.



4% is all the time it takes

This is the part of my week that I have been struggling with and I continue to struggle with.  Thursday has become my day off, and so has Friday and it is not a good habit.  I feel like on Thursday I owe it to my daughter to cook dinner, to study for spelling, and read to her, to let her take a shower and get her hair brushed at home.  However, my mother pointed something out to me, she said you should workout on Thursday, because Natalie is already at the gym, so next week I am committing to getting myself to the gym on Thursday and getting my work out done. (Holy run on sentence, ps I’m not an english major!!)

My eating goes really well during my work week and like my workouts you give me an inch and I take a mile.  I fall off the journaling wagon, I skip breakfast, I don’t have a plan.  I am human and I am willing to admit where I am short changing myself and it is Thursday and Friday.  So here is a question, if you can identify the problem what is the plan of action and where is the accountability?  I am sure when Heather reads this, I will get some ideas of how to get over this two day slump, but it is a problem.  People I need ideas, got any?

I feel like my diet has been pretty decent, but with anything there is always room for improvement.  My goal for this week coming is to commit to my 6 days of working out and consistant journal keeping.  Self discipline that is what I am lacking right?

Calories burned:  GOOSE EGG THURSDAY & FRIDAY (hmmm that is a wake up call)


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Kick boxing…UGH

Wednesday’s workout at the hill was kick boxing.  I tried to keep a positive outlook, because I have never really kick boxed before, so maybe I will love it…  All I kept thinking is how many times Heather has looked at me when we are doing something and says, “You’ve never kick boxed before have you.”  That can’t be a good sign.  I already know that my hip flexers are super tight and side kicks are a challenge for me, but I can only get better, RIGHT??

It was a pretty demanding workout.  I get a liTtle lost when she starts doing combinations quick, but I tried to stay focused and the night flew by.  I didn’t sweat as much as I usually do, but I feel like I worked hard.  Hopefully we will stick with it long enough that I can get better at it.  I still have a hard time ” engaging my core” during the exercises, so I will add that to my list of things to work on!!

Calories burned : 490


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Tree Hugger

I was pretty excited when I saw Heather’s post about doing a mini tribute to the people lost on 911 during HIIT tonight, I think it is important to reflect on the things that have effected our lives and the lives of others.  I headed to the gym and caught the last half of Natalie’s Tae Kwan Do and then hurried her into changing to go to open swim.  Some days I start to feel bad about the shuffling around I do to her on Tuesday, but it works I guess.

I did my warm up and headed into the weight room.  Tuesday is my legs day, but to be honest, my legs were pretty sore from Monday’s workout, so I decided to bust out shoulders, chest & biceps with a little help from some of my friends!!  I felt pretty strong until the fourth set of ” tree huggers.”  It’s always nice when your form isn’t 100% to know that even your trainers boyfriend will correct you 🙂 They are always lookin out, thanks Brian.  “Like your hugging a tree!!”  Really who hugs trees?

Headed down to HIIT and core and got a good calories burn.  Overall felt pretty good about what I accomplished at the gym, just wish the end of my week was as focused.

Calories burned: 727


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Monday, Monday

For me the end of the week is always the challenge.  I feel like come Monday I am back at work, my diet is in check, and I know my schedule.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I workout, Thursday I rest and then, well all hell breaks loose.  My five meals turn into three, I find a reason not to get to the gym, and can’t seem to get that day back.  Saturday I have bootcamp and then Sunday I am back to struggling to hold myself accountable.  I need to find a strategy to overcome this.

I am almost convinced it is more of a mental block then anything else.  You can’t have a hand holder everyday of the week, but it is so much easier when you do.  I don’t miss bootcamp, because I love to spend that time with the people we work out with.  I need to formulate a plan and promise myself I will execute it.

So now we know that I struggle and I need to put a plan in motion.  I saw this quote and although I am not married, I feel like this pretty much says it all…

Calories burned bootcamp: 488


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Are you ready for some football?

Sunday brought about cooler fall weather, groceries, laundry, & football! I would love to say that I got out of bed and went to the gym, but it was just that day when your bed is so comfortable, your kid is sleeping in for the first time since school started, and I needed a break.  My life is go go go, there isn’t a minute of my week that isn’t scheduled and when it came to getting up for spinning at 7:45am or snuggling down for an extra hour, I took advantage and I will admit I stayed in bed!!

I know that preparing for my week is as important as committing to my workouts, so I planned my weeks meals and after my extra hour of rest we headed out to the grocery store ( with every other Patriots fan!). Let’s just say beer and munchies were not on my list.

I would love to say that I decided to go for a run or do a p90x video, but I am here to be real, and I didn’t do anything.  I spent the day with friends and family.  Got home early enough to clean my house, give my daughter a shower and a hair do, talk to her about her week and relax.  6 days a week is a commitment and I will be honest, i fell short this week, but I am back on it this week and I have my meals planned and my workouts scheduled.

Every week there are new challenges and I am putting on a positive attitude and I am going to get it done this week!!

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I am realizing as I sit down to blog, man this week has been non stop.  I am sure we all feel this way at one point or another, but the pace of the school year has really set in at this point.  I feel pretty good about this week.  Heather gave me my results my weight was down 1.2 lbs and my body fat was down .4%.  I am pretty excited to have both numbers move in the same direction finally….DOWN.

Realizing that there is room for improvement on last week makes me feel pretty good about it.  I know i refocused, but I also know that I can eat cleaner, I can push myself harder, and next week I can do even better!!

Heather said something to me this morning that is so true.  I am not competing with anyone else, I am only competing with myself.  I never thought of it like that, I know that I struggle and I get down on myself.  I feel like I have been at the same place for months, but truth is I am not upset about it, I just wish it was easier.  Like everyone else I wish I could eat whatever I want and not need to workout  6 days a week.

The more I think about this, the more untrue I realize it has become.  I have waited 9 years to be able to take this time for myself.  I deserve to be able to workout 6 days a week.  If each one of us were more thankful for being able to afford the opportunity to put ourselves first maybe this journey wouldn’t feel like so much work.  I am only going to get the results I deserve from the effort that I put in.

Weights/Tabata  Calories burned 537


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Keep calm and GNAT ninja on

So mystery solved for all of you who experienced bootcamp tonight.  apparently in humid weather gnats hatch out and we have had prime conditions for the past couple of days.  Ugh what a disaster, my body is still itching and I already showered.  In case there was anybody, myself included who could have bailed on tonights workout, the minute I got out of the car, my fate was sealed.  A million tiny little bugs swarmed us and it didn’t matter where you went, they were everywhere.

So we went for a jog and worked out at the park on Park St., I burned a ton of calories and was pretty excited that I can almost do pull ups!!!  Pull ups are super hard and for the past couple of months I have been using the weight assisted machine at the gym and tonight at the park I came really close to actually being able to do pull-ups.

By the time we got to the park I was so itchy from the bugs at the hill that my skin crawled the entire time we worked out.  I pushed through and finished the workout.  In hind site I wish I had run back to the car, but I was beat.  It all goes back to you get out what you put in, and I left an opportunity to push myself on the table tonight.

So this is for all my ladies at boot camp tonight….(sorry mom for the inappropriate language, but this totally sums up tonight)

Calories burned 592

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Legs like Tina Turner

Maybe someday I can insure my legs… ha that is funny.  Well I got my new leg workout from Heather about 15 minutes before it was time to head to the gym.  I feel like on Tuesdays I have a great plan to get to the gym early and kill some serious calories, but work runs late, or traffic is bad, it is inevitable that once in a while life is going to throw you a curve ball and you need to keep the right attitude and and find a way to get your workout in.

I should mention that on Friday I invested in 4 new tires on my car that has 20,000 miles on it, based on the dealerships recommendation.  Saturday when I got in my car my check tire light was on, I called the dealership and let them know and was told no worries we probably forgot to reset the light.  Hmm…okay I will bring it in Tuesday.  We will come back to this later in the blog.

So I tried out my new leg workout, went pretty well, I was able to keep my heart rate up a bit. I find that when I do my leg workout with 20lb dumbbells in my hands, my legs don’t get tired, but my hands kill me.  I told Heather I was going to change my weigh in to Saturday mornings, because night time weight is messing with my mind.  I mean really I weigh a ton at night.  She was okay with that, but while I was waiting for HIIT to start I went and got weighed and did my body fat.  I am still waiting for my results, but my body fat went down!!!

I made it through HIIT and core and got Natalie out of the pool to go home and feed her, keep in mind it is almost 8pm and sure enough…..flat tire.  I mean seriously, life never gives me a break.  For all of you who who don’t have the time in their day to workout, there is always time, but like anything else it has to be a priority.  Somedays even after you give it 100% you still end up with a crap deal, but you feel better knowing that your tire went flat and when you call the service guys you can say pick me up in my sweaty clothes at the gym 😉

Calories burned 829


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