Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

5X Training

on October 1, 2012

Monday marks the beginning of a new series of training that Heather has planned for us.  We moved from the hill into the function room of a hall with a concrete floor and an echo that is ear-piercing.  Still better than the rain and the bugs!!!  I am abandoned my 15lb weights and are committed to my 20lb dumbbells for workouts.  I figure if there is no option I will continue to move the heavier ones.

She also must have ordered herself a new training toy, because we started our workout with band assisted pull ups at Park St park.  I am a fan, because I can complete more pull ups with that little bit of assistance and I think it encourages people who could do one without assistance to realize they are getting stronger.  The ball I am a little bit skeptical of, but we will give it a bit more time.  I liked the format of the workout, however I am a pretty competitive person so the timed circuit at the end was hard for me.  After my second set of exercises, my arms were shot.  I was having trouble holding my body weight in plank, nevermind the rollout push ups or renegade rows!!  I cut my reps back to 8 on the weighted exercises and finished with a pretty decent time.

This week is going to be a balancing act, Natalie has about a gazillion things going on and I need to stay on track and keep moving in the direction I did this past week, I will keep you posted!!

Total Calorie Burn: 657



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