Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Chin ups, tires, & abs..oh and did I mention PUSH UP

Tonights workout was challenging!  I have been feeling a little run down, but I was in it 100%.  Talk about push ups, push ups, incline push ups, roll out push ups, renegade rows with a push up. I love myself a push up and I feel like I am pretty good at them.  I put in 100% and feel like by the time it comes to do our timed circuit I can barely move my weights in an overhead press.  I guess it is better to have nothing left at the end of your workout then to not have given enough!!

Calories burned: 687

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Bi’s and Tri’s

I am getting stronger when it comes to my biceps and triceps.  I can now do 36 reps of each exercise with my 25 lb dumbbells.  I do tend to feel my triceps couple of days after I get done my workout!!  Happy that I am getting stronger and my dad calls me ARNOLD cause there is some serious definition on the back of my arms!!!  Ok maybe not this much!!


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Hate to miss a workout

Saturday I was exhausted!!  My 93 year old grandmother fell on Friday night and I spent half the night in the ER then transferring her to another hospital.  I was lacking sleep when it came time for my workout, but I have become on of those weirdos that doesn’t like to miss a workout and Saturday was no exception.

We worked really hard and I realized half way through our workout that my heart rate monitor was not on, pissah!!  I am moving my 20lb weights now and I am getting my reps in.  This months work outs are about time, but I am trying to consistently get at least 12 reps in!!  Wish those weights would get lighter, any day now!

Good news my weight went down and so did my body fat, someday I am going to figure this all out, but for now…


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Friday at the gym

When I walked into the gym on Friday morning and saw Heather I thought she may have fallen off her balance ball.  By the way can I say I feel totally awkward every time I get on to a balance ball and Heather looks like a damn magazine ad.  WHATEVER!!  Well I had promised on Tuesday when I left the gym without working out that I would make up my leg day and that is what I was there for.  I did 2 miles on the elliptical and then headed over to my 18″step and grabbed my 25lb dumbbells and banged out my workout.  I also did some chest and some pull ups because I was feeling good.  The one legged weighted squats are killer for me.  I struggle a bit, but I am trying to get deeper into my squats and worry more about form.

Calories burned: 575


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5X Training

Monday marks the beginning of a new series of training that Heather has planned for us.  We moved from the hill into the function room of a hall with a concrete floor and an echo that is ear-piercing.  Still better than the rain and the bugs!!!  I am abandoned my 15lb weights and are committed to my 20lb dumbbells for workouts.  I figure if there is no option I will continue to move the heavier ones.

She also must have ordered herself a new training toy, because we started our workout with band assisted pull ups at Park St park.  I am a fan, because I can complete more pull ups with that little bit of assistance and I think it encourages people who could do one without assistance to realize they are getting stronger.  The ball I am a little bit skeptical of, but we will give it a bit more time.  I liked the format of the workout, however I am a pretty competitive person so the timed circuit at the end was hard for me.  After my second set of exercises, my arms were shot.  I was having trouble holding my body weight in plank, nevermind the rollout push ups or renegade rows!!  I cut my reps back to 8 on the weighted exercises and finished with a pretty decent time.

This week is going to be a balancing act, Natalie has about a gazillion things going on and I need to stay on track and keep moving in the direction I did this past week, I will keep you posted!!

Total Calorie Burn: 657


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