Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

A nice weekend and then into the work week

on September 23, 2012

Sunday one of my many cousins was married and although it was a very nice day, it really screws up my entire weekend to spend all day Saturday at cheering and all day Sunday at a wedding.  I was looking forward to the new week after Saturday’s weigh in.  I realize now why I wanted to forget about Saturday’s workout and that is because when I got on the scale my weight had gone up 5.8lbs.  I mean really what did I do that caused me to gain 3 lbs of fat last week.  Heather had the most puzzled look on her face and I was feeling pretty defeated.  My week wasn’t great, but I wouldn’t ever have imagined almost 6lbs.  I did okay with my eating at the wedding and since it was on a Sunday night I didn’t really drink anything.  We were home by 9 o’clock and I was ready to give my journey some real thought.

Monday I packed my lunch and headed to work for the day with Natalie in tow.  We had dentist appointments, so it is easier for me to bring her to work with me for the day then to spend the day driving back and forth from Portsmouth to Rochester!!  I feel like there is never a dull moment, never a down time, always something occupying my mind.  We got home from work and after I fed her and got her ready for cheering practice, I was ready to get to my workout and see what I could accomplish this week.  Heather emailed me wondering what my game plan for this week was going to be and to be honest I was a little lost on where to go from where I was.

The workout on the hill was tough, and I let someone borrow my 15lb weights so I was committed to my 20’s for the entire workout.  I feel like I need to be committed to my 20lb weights from now on.



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