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4% is all the time it takes

on September 14, 2012

This is the part of my week that I have been struggling with and I continue to struggle with.  Thursday has become my day off, and so has Friday and it is not a good habit.  I feel like on Thursday I owe it to my daughter to cook dinner, to study for spelling, and read to her, to let her take a shower and get her hair brushed at home.  However, my mother pointed something out to me, she said you should workout on Thursday, because Natalie is already at the gym, so next week I am committing to getting myself to the gym on Thursday and getting my work out done. (Holy run on sentence, ps I’m not an english major!!)

My eating goes really well during my work week and like my workouts you give me an inch and I take a mile.  I fall off the journaling wagon, I skip breakfast, I don’t have a plan.  I am human and I am willing to admit where I am short changing myself and it is Thursday and Friday.  So here is a question, if you can identify the problem what is the plan of action and where is the accountability?  I am sure when Heather reads this, I will get some ideas of how to get over this two day slump, but it is a problem.  People I need ideas, got any?

I feel like my diet has been pretty decent, but with anything there is always room for improvement.  My goal for this week coming is to commit to my 6 days of working out and consistant journal keeping.  Self discipline that is what I am lacking right?

Calories burned:  GOOSE EGG THURSDAY & FRIDAY (hmmm that is a wake up call)



One response to “4% is all the time it takes

  1. Same problem here. Monday dawns all nice and tidy then life happens! I joined the Saturday morning class ’cause I was working out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That’s it. Of course, I’ve only been able to go the once (duh- should’ve checked my schedule for travel weekends before signing up). I work late on Thursdays and Friday is my grocery shop, clean house etc day.

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