Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Monday, Monday

on September 10, 2012

For me the end of the week is always the challenge.  I feel like come Monday I am back at work, my diet is in check, and I know my schedule.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I workout, Thursday I rest and then, well all hell breaks loose.  My five meals turn into three, I find a reason not to get to the gym, and can’t seem to get that day back.  Saturday I have bootcamp and then Sunday I am back to struggling to hold myself accountable.  I need to find a strategy to overcome this.

I am almost convinced it is more of a mental block then anything else.  You can’t have a hand holder everyday of the week, but it is so much easier when you do.  I don’t miss bootcamp, because I love to spend that time with the people we work out with.  I need to formulate a plan and promise myself I will execute it.

So now we know that I struggle and I need to put a plan in motion.  I saw this quote and although I am not married, I feel like this pretty much says it all…

Calories burned bootcamp: 488



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