Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Are you ready for some football?

on September 9, 2012

Sunday brought about cooler fall weather, groceries, laundry, & football! I would love to say that I got out of bed and went to the gym, but it was just that day when your bed is so comfortable, your kid is sleeping in for the first time since school started, and I needed a break.  My life is go go go, there isn’t a minute of my week that isn’t scheduled and when it came to getting up for spinning at 7:45am or snuggling down for an extra hour, I took advantage and I will admit I stayed in bed!!

I know that preparing for my week is as important as committing to my workouts, so I planned my weeks meals and after my extra hour of rest we headed out to the grocery store ( with every other Patriots fan!). Let’s just say beer and munchies were not on my list.

I would love to say that I decided to go for a run or do a p90x video, but I am here to be real, and I didn’t do anything.  I spent the day with friends and family.  Got home early enough to clean my house, give my daughter a shower and a hair do, talk to her about her week and relax.  6 days a week is a commitment and I will be honest, i fell short this week, but I am back on it this week and I have my meals planned and my workouts scheduled.

Every week there are new challenges and I am putting on a positive attitude and I am going to get it done this week!!


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