Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Keeping it real

on September 2, 2012

So if we are going to be honest this holiday weekend in regard to blogging has gotten away from me.  What I can say is that I feel pretty good about what I have eaten and the things I was able to accomplish.  Saturday was back to bootcamp for a workout at Garrison hill, then straight to my condo for an entire day of bathroom remodeling with my mom.  I believe it was quite a workout based on the amount of times I had to get on the floor and off the floor, up the stairs and down the stairs, for the 12 hours we spent working on the tiny little room we moved a lot.  I can’t thank my mom enough for all of her help, it is pretty amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

I still remember the day I asked my mom to join transformation with me back in December of 2011.  We were driving in the car and I mentioned the program to her and her response was, “sure I’ll do it if it is what you want to do.”  There are a lot of people who don’t get to spend a lot of time with their loved ones, but I am very fortunate to have such supportive parents, my mom who works out with me, and my dad, who takes care of my daughter and gets her to all of her activities, while I am working out.

Sunday brought about a sacrifice and it was a tough decision.  We opted not to spin on Sunday morning so we could get back to work on the bathroom.  There are some things I have learned and that is you can’t beat yourself up when you have to make choices.  Today was one of those choices where getting my only bathroom put back together took priority over getting my workout in, and it did.  I did however get some lifting and some core in at the end of the day.  I didn’t make my calorie burn, but it wasn’t a total waste of a day.

It is crazy how hard it is to remember to eat every three hours when you are trying to get things done.  Feeding your body is a chore and I almost feel like on the weekend I need to set an alarm to remind me to put food in my mouth.  I did indulge in some ice-cream, we attended a bbq and the dessert was fresh churned ice-cream served to order, and I treated myself to some.  If they hadn’t had coffee I may have passed it up, my new philosophy on dessert is only indulge if it is something you truly enjoy and coffee is one of my all time faves.

So my word of wisdom to day…..



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