Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Weigh in

on August 28, 2012

Tonight was weigh in night with Heather at the gym.  I had calculated how many calories I needed to burn to meet my calorie goal that Heather had given me, knowing damn well that I had failed miserably at the diet part of my plan for this week.  Well the scale doesn’t lie, and neither do I.  I had gained .4 pounds and my body fat went up, so time to reflect, make a plan, change, and move on.  We know I already committed to not eating out, drinking water, and making good choices, now I needed to face the plans my trainer had for me.

I have been trying to increase my weights by at least 5 lbs per exercise, or completing 40 reps at the same weight if I had to back it off before, this approach is going well, so I believe the plan is to use the same routine for at least another week.

On a more personal note it is back to school tomorrow for Natalie, and thank god back to the structure that comes with having a very active 3rd grader!!

HIIT + legs: Calories burned 565

no core tonight 😦


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