Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

What’s for Dinner?

on August 20, 2012

Tonight I headed out to the hill with some extra time to kill, so Kathleen and I warmed up by walking the hill 2 times before class started (every calorie counts).  It was a nice warm up to a decent workout.  Before the workout began Brittney, (a newbie) asked what we eat after we work out.  The answers didn’t vary much from anyone who has been around for more then a month.  Protein and broccoli!!  Tonight my dinner was baked haddock with steamed broccoli and water.  I am trying to focus on my eating and trying to be committed to a plan.  In order to have a plan you need to be prepared, but in order to be successful and build muscle, you need to feed your body.

You will find that throughout this blog I will offer the information that i have learned from this journey.  I am not claiming to be giving anyone advice about what will work for them, and to be honest if I had this figured out, I wouldn’t be blogging about my journey.  I hope that something I may offer on here may click with someone, or give you an idea of how I deal with everyday life.

I wish I had worked harder tonight then I did.  I wanted to burn more calories and I didn’t meet my goal, so I will need to put in extra effort tomorrow night at the gym.  Tomorrow night is my leg night, HIIT and core, so total body!!  Hoping to kill some calories.

Total calories: 517


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