Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Day of rest or shall we say groceries

on August 19, 2012

Sunday brings about my day of rest, that is from the gym, not from life.  Sometimes the toughest challenge in you transformation becomes the day of grocery shopping.  I mean labels and choices and planning all of it becomes very important.  So while Sunday is a day of rest for my body, it truly becomes a working day for my brain and setting myself up for success in the upcoming week.  We all know groceries are expensive, good lord it doesn’t matter what you need it is never less then $100.  A lot of unhealthy people will tell you that buying healthy food is way more expensive.  I think of it like this, food that is good for you has a way shorter shelf life then processed foods, so planning your week out and knowing what you need to stay on track is a big deal.  I tend to cook in bulk on Sunday.  I prepare and grill all of my protein, with the exception of fish and rinse and prep all of my produce.  If you are prepared then the opportunity to make bad choices during your busy week are fewer.

I struggle at night to not reach for something sweet after Natalie goes to bed.  I spent a good 6 mins in cookie aisle deciding if I should buy oreos or not.  Ultimatly my mind won, yeah a small victory!!!  I left them in the store because if they are not in my house, guess what I won’t eat them.  Then I got to the yogurt aisle, I know from past experiences that greek yogurt with some butter toffee almonds is almost as good as ice-cream, so that is my plan.  BEWARE…

This Greek yogurt appears to be a great idea and I picked it up and looked at it, I turned to the fit girl shopping next to me in her workout clothes and said, “What do you think this tastes like?”  To which her reply was, “Heaven!”  Holy cow 270 calories per serving, she had to look at the label to believe me.  She then looked at me and said, ” You mine as well get ice cream.”  I opted for vanilla Chobani and Weymans frozen raspberries as my sweet treat.


28 reps @ 20lbs W curls

28 reps@ 20lbs preacher curls




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