Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Cardio or not to cardio

on August 18, 2012

I am up in the air about cardio.  Let me just say that I am human and like many of you I stubble with the number on the scale.  Baby steps Heather I know!!  I understand the importance of building muscle and how your body fat percentage is really the number that matters, but really everyone has an idea of how much they want to weigh.  I don’t feel like my idea of what I want to weigh is unrealistic, I mean really I would like to believe I would be happy if I could break out of the 160’s.  Thats all I am asking.  So like everyone else I struggle with the idea that the more cardio I do the more weight I lose, but to change my body fat I need to eat protein and lift weights.  Well I love spinning at Velocity Cycling in Rollinsford.  I find that the exercises that I enjoy have more to do with the people I work out with then the actual exercise.  I mean really who loves to sit on a spin bike…um no one.  However, Lisa and Don who recently opened Velocity Cycling have to be two of the nicest people that I have ever met.  They truly deserve to have success, because their heart is in this business.  Much like I don’t love working out 3 days a week, but I love my transformers and my trainer, her heart is in this 100% of the time.  It is contagious, when you exercise with people who love what they are doing, you are apt to catch it.  I don’t love working out, but I miss it when I don’t!!

So my Saturday workout went like this…  815 spinning at Velocity Cycling with my mom and a few other faves.  After that class ended Don and Lisa invited us to stay for the 915 class, and since my daughter had gone to breakfast with a friend, we stayed.  Wow two spin classes is some serious cardio in 1.5 hours.  Total calorie burn was 983 when I shut my heart rate monitor off.  Needless to say I think I made up the extra calories I was missing.  I wimped out on biceps which was what I had left to lift for arms, but I have dumbbells at home and can get it in tomorrow!!  So for anyone who hasn’t been check it out, the bikes move and it is only 45 mins work for a great calorie burn!!!

Calories burned: 973



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