Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

The dreaded weight room!!

on August 16, 2012

To say that I have never ventured upstairs to the weight room would be a lie.  To say that I have ever gone alone would be the absolute truth.  Well no one was going to hold my hand tonight.  I dropped Natalie at Fit Spot and had exactly one hour to get my workout in.  The goal was to warm up, lift two muscle groups, and meet my 550 calorie burn in one hour.  Pretty steep expectations, but I felt they were realistic.

Up the stairs I went, ear buds in, iPhone tucked into my sports bra.  First stop the cardio room for my warm up.  Then straight to the corner where the machines I have used before are located.  Triceps and chest, okay I can do this!!   Triceps were a breeze, but the chest press with the bar was a little daunting.  Yesterday I asked if I could just use dumbbells, um NOPE, well the big boys use the benches with the bar.  Well tonight I did too.  Granted I only pressed the bar tonight, 45 lbs, for fear that I would get myself into an uncomfortable situation, but victory number one for this training journey!!! Then back to the cardio room for another 2.5 miles on the elliptical trainer.

After my hour was up, I look at my heart rate monitor and it said 425 calories burned.  Hmmm, that is it I thought, but I am out of time. I sent a quick email with my plan to make up the 125 calories I was short on my goal to Heather and I am hoping my solution will be okay.  I will get in an extra 125 calorie burn tomorrow while Natalie is at camp and I don’t have a time limit on my workout.

So like with everything sometimes there is not enough time in a day, but having a plan of action and committing to it will reap the rewards that I am hoping for.

Barbell : 40 reps 45lbs  could have gone heavier a little intimidated alone
Cable Flies 20 reps @ 5  20 reps @ 4
Cale Ext : 40 reps at 32.5
Dips:  40 reps body weight legs straight
(triceps were sore)

Total Calories burned: 403


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