Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.


on August 14, 2012

My name is Jenn, in case you guys were unaware.  In January I was like everyone else the holidays were over and my waistline showed it (wait what waistline?)!!  I threw out the idea of doing a ten week transformation to my mom and she said she would do it, if I would.  Here I am in the beginning, no waistline!!


I began my journey with Heather at Evolution Fitness whole heartily in January 2012.  I joined the 10 week transformation and became part of a fabulous group of people.  I have been committed and consistent with my workouts since then (keep in mind I left out the diet part, consistency is harder on that front), but lately I have been stuck. (A great trainer once told me you can’t out train a bad diet….)

Stuck ugh…. understatement of the year, my weight hasn’t budged.  So for all you people reading this saying to yourself I will start tomorrow… I GET IT.  For all of you who push yourself and feel like you have changed so much about exercise and food choices and your body hasn’t been cooperating, I GET IT!!

I began tossing around the idea of joining the physique challenge at The Works, or maybe trying the spartan challenge at SKB, but I really enjoy the people I work out with.  On Monday I opened an email from Heather and she offered me the opportunity to train on a program, commit to a nutrition plan, and journal about it.  So after a killer workout on Garrison Hill I let Heather know I am in, AND SO IT BEGINS…

I had been counting on my calendar what the next 90 days had in store. Believe me, I am human and holidays with my family are tough.  So much food and it all tastes so good, summer bbq’s and beer, we are all human.  My thought process is this, summer is winding down, my 8 year old will be back to school for 3rd grade, back to cheering, starting tae kwon do and homework, so what better time to start a 90 day commitment for myself.  Throw one more thing in the mix, one thing for myself.

I am committing to believing in myself, and finding out what I am capable of achieving.  I hope to be candid about the struggles I face on a daily basis.  Life happens, I am a busy single mom who works full time and raises a child, but I am going to find time to train hard, eat clean, and transform my body.

Tonights workout: 2.5miles elliptical; HIIT & core

Calories Burned : 460

Tonight I will leave you with this to think about…



One response to “AND SO IT BEGINS…

  1. Tina Marie Spicer says:

    Woman! This is amazing!! I will so be reading your blog & rooting for you the whole way! What a great way to commit yourself. I have huge respect for anyone trying to better themselves & for you to put yourself out there triples it! Rock it Lady!!!

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