Life is a journey, not so much to a destination, but a transformation.

Zero mile meal

Today I started my day at Velocity Cycling for a killer calorie burn.  I hate to run, but cycling has become something I really do enjoy, (after you get past the seat).  So I bet you are wondering what a zero mile meal is…

Today we went to Nottingham to make pickles with one of my aunts.  I talk about eating clean and making good choice, well my aunt lives on a farm.  Not just any farm, she lives on a farm based on the principles of sustainability.  So for lunch my aunt prepared a zero mile meal, she went no where to get anything to prepare our meal.  We had free range chicken salad, made from hens raised and slaughtered on her farm.  And coleslaw made with cabbage, kale, parsley, and carrots from her garden, washed down with sumac tea she made.  The entire practice of eating clean is next to impossible not to do the way they chose to live, and it was great to walk through the garden and see the pigs, chickens, fresh vegetables and root closet.  Putting the principles of eating clean fresh in my mind.

Beginning to question this process and feel like if I want to drop my weight I need to step up the cardio, but I am going to stick to the plan and the diet and see what kind of results I get.


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Putting myself on the schedule

Yay, we are finally back to three day a week bootcamp, which makes my life more manageable.  Sometimes a task seems like a great idea and then life gets in the way.  I am getting my meals in and sticking to the calorie count, I even feel confident that on this holiday weekend I will be in control of my eating.  So bootcamp 3 days means that I only need to find 3 days to get myself to the gym.  You see I am not huge fan of getting myself to the gym, but I am a huge fan of the girls I work out with.

This week I decided to make Thursday my rest day, because Natalie has Tae Kwan Do and I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up with her about school.  I am looking forward to cooking dinner and relaxing before 9 pm.  I hope everyone is getting their workouts in and that this first week of structure is helping not hindering the routine.  Remember to schedule your work outs, they are in my calendar just like all of Natalie’s activities and school schedule.  Make yourself a priority.


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New day , New plan

So you know it is bad when your trainer says “Boy you weren’t kidding about being off track.”  If there is one thing I promised myself when this started is that I would take accountability for my actions and be honest with myself.  I mean how are you going to change if you aren’t willing to admitt the way things really are.  My eating was all crazy, bad choices, skipping meals, can you say yo-yo.

So I got my results in an email with a question, What do you think you action plan should be?  My workday was crazy, but I thought about that question quite a bit today.  I feel like I put my plan in motion on Monday and it has been going pretty good, but what else can I do to redeem myself?  I learned last week that you can’t make up for 4 bad days of eating by hitting your calorie burn goal.  So what else can I do?

Then came the follow up email:

Calories per meal: 315 (5 meals)
Protein: 27 grams
Carbs: 35 grams
Fat: 7grams
This weeks focus: hitting the numbers on the 1st 2 meals, drink 85 oz of water a day and eat out only once during the week! 🙂
It’s like magic.  I know my diet needed to be my focus and Heather gave me a concrete plan to follow.  Monday and Tuesday have been decent days diet wise and I have been on target getting my workouts in.  Time to refocus and see what I can accomplish no more yo-yoing for this chick!!
Bootcamp @ The Hill
calories burned 392
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Weigh in

Tonight was weigh in night with Heather at the gym.  I had calculated how many calories I needed to burn to meet my calorie goal that Heather had given me, knowing damn well that I had failed miserably at the diet part of my plan for this week.  Well the scale doesn’t lie, and neither do I.  I had gained .4 pounds and my body fat went up, so time to reflect, make a plan, change, and move on.  We know I already committed to not eating out, drinking water, and making good choices, now I needed to face the plans my trainer had for me.

I have been trying to increase my weights by at least 5 lbs per exercise, or completing 40 reps at the same weight if I had to back it off before, this approach is going well, so I believe the plan is to use the same routine for at least another week.

On a more personal note it is back to school tomorrow for Natalie, and thank god back to the structure that comes with having a very active 3rd grader!!

HIIT + legs: Calories burned 565

no core tonight 😦

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Back to the Grind

I am not usually happy to be going back to work, but this morning I was looking forward to getting back into a routine.  With the long weekend right around the corner I really need to focus in on my diet.  So far today is going well.  I did realize while packing my lunch that skipping the grocery store yesterday wasn’t very smart.  However, I was proactive and took a few minutes of my lunch break to pick up some chicken, lettuce, cucumbers. broccoli, almond milk, and vanilla Chobani.  See when you don’t have to venture into the middle aisles shopping is incredibly fast.

Dinner tonight is preplanned in my mind, now all I need to do is get some extra cardio in before my workout tonight.  I feel like I haven’t worked out in days and it has only been one.  Guess I am just having a “fat” day, I’m sure we have all had one of those, right (except you skinny people).

I am trying the idea of focusing in on one thing this week, because I feel like that is about all I can handle, so my diet it is.  Although not eating out, getting in my daily water, and making good choices is more then just one thing, it is my thing this week.  What is your “thing” going to be?


So the day came to an end.  After stressing out that I didn’t get my calories burned yesterday, I only did biceps, I sat down and calculated out what I needed to burn between today and tomorrow to hit my goal.  You see my goal is 550 calories 6 days a week or  3,300 calories per week.  This morning I was at 1,848 so I needed to burn 726/ day to meet my goal.  PS easier to just workout everyday!!  Proud to say that I headed to the hill early and walk/ran it 3 times before bootcamp and then had a killer workout challenge at the hill!!

Hill: Calories burned: 135

Bootcamp : Calories burned 565

700 is pretty damn close for 1 hour 20 mins of work!!  Yay me

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Do over…

So for every success there is the potential to fail.  I hate to say fail, because over and over again I can hear Heather telling me not to beat myself up just start over again another day.  Well I woke up and went spinning with a great group of people and burned a ton of calories.  Great start to the the day!!  I had intentions of making my way into the gym to bust out some lifting, but the day got away form me.

Like many of you I am sure, I am trying to get my house back in order from my summer shenanigans, and prepare myself for the structure that the school year brings.  We did supply shopping and then sure enough my 8 year old really wanted Five Guys Burger and fries.  I know, really the calories are crazy and it isn’t worth it.  However, I found myself waiting in an enormous line to indulge in a burger and a Mr.Pibb Zero.

I don’t want people to read this and think that I don’t struggle with choices, because I do.  Somedays I do good, but on days like today, I really want a do over.  I did not consume whatever ridiculous calorie count was posted on facebook, because I did not eat an entire large fry.  Really who could do that, I opted for a little burger not a regular bacon cheeseburger.  My choices were definetly different then if I wasn’t commiting to this program, but really I should have opted to go to the gym instead.  So tomorrow is another day.  I need to buckle down on my diet and realize my effort is worth more then a greasy cheeseburger!!

Gonna have to work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for today.  My commitment for next week is no eating out!!!  Not lunch, not dinner, none!!  Let see if I can do it, starting today!!

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I am putting Friday into the success catagory, because I not only went to work, I headed right to the gym after.  I got my lifting in, burned some calories, and left.  I also knew I was gonna go to velocity for spinning at 330, so I got my cardio done as well.  Finding my way around the weight room is getting easier, but when I got to the gym my head phones were broken, bummer.

Eating today was better for me.  I tend to get off track when my work week schedule is over.  It isn’t that I get up any later, I just dont feel like eating.  I have to make a conscious effort to feed my body through out the day.  Hopefully, this weekend will be a success as well.

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Dinner out with the boss..

So let’s put something into perspective dinners out with friends, the office, your significant other, they are gonna happen.  What you chose to do while you are out can be a tough decision.  Well, my office goes out about once a month and Thursday was one of those nights.  So this week Thursday was my day of rest and instead of heading to the gym, I headed to the decks!!  I looked at the menu before we went and although the salads at the Riverhouse are awesome, I decided there was no good way to know exactly how many calories I would be consuming if that was my choice.

Salads are not all they are cracked up to be and I am very skeptical of making that choice, for instance:

Chili’s Quesadilla Explosion Salad
1,400 calories
88 g fat (26 g saturated)
2,370 mg sodium

So I opted for a Rooster, cajun chicken sandwich on a roll with sweet potato fries, 2 corona lights, and a small helping of apps.  I am confident that I consumed less calories then if I had ordered the salad.  So my lesson is life is going to happen, make choices based on what you do know.  I know my chicken was grilled and it was about 6 oz of protein.  Each beer was 99 calories and although I had fries, they were sweet potato.  Then make a commitment to hit the gym the next day and burn it off.
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You get out what you put in!

Wow tonights workout made up for Monday with out a doubt.  However, I have learned in the past few months that you get out what you put in.  I tend to partner with a person at my fitness level or above me and I try my hardest to motivate them, because that motivates me to work harder.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Ladder workouts seem like a great idea, especially since we were going down the ladder, yeah right.  After my second set of squat clean press with a 25lb kettle bell I wondered how I was gonna make it down the rest of the ladder, but I pushed through and finished strong.

I have a hard time believing in this process when the number on the scale increases.  I am human and I understand the concept of body fat percentage and changing your body, but really 170lb that is a lot.  Today I opened my email to my numbers….  I gained 2.2lbs of lean muscle and lost 1 lb of fat, so all in all this week was a success.  Heather was happy with my week one results as am I, so I will keep at it and keep journaling my food, logging to workouts, and blogging about my experience.
Back to the title, you get out what you put in…  I didn’t run a step, barely moved from the spot I was in when I started, and I killed 500 calories in a 1 hour trainer lead full body workout.  So stop cheating yourself and for one hour give whatever you are doing all you’ve got, chose the kettle you are secretly hoping someone else will pick up!!
Bootcamp Garrison Hill
Calories burned: 500


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So let’s all be honest, I have pretty nice legs.  I mean everyone has to have one thing on their body that they are happy with today. If my legs stayed them same and never changed I would be able to say I am happy with the way they are today.  Like many of you, for the one thing I am happy with, there are a few that I can’t stand. Heather says, “If you like your legs, you hate your core.  If you are happy with your core, your legs need some work, exc.”  She is right, I carry most of my unsightly fat on my waist.  So leg night at the gym seems like kind of a joke to me.  However, my goal is to change my body and your legs are the biggest muscles in your body, so I headed to the machines and got in my work out.

Wednesdays I do HIIT with Heather at The Works as well.  So at 6:15 I headed down to the locker room to do my weight and body fat.  Night time weight sucks!!!!  Just imagine how bummed I was when my weight went up, I gained 1.2 lbs.  Seriously, I thought I was refocusing to lose weight.  But remember, it is not the number on the scale.  So stick with it and keep pushing yourself and see what you can accomplish!!


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